Do not split hairs over whether ‘maize’ or ‘corn’ is correct


Sub-licenses should be compared with BOT tollbooths which have mushroomed over the past years and have been fully exploited whatever the cost in the development of enterprises and the national economy.

While waiting for the obstructive sub-licenses to be cleared, we should “lower” the “license” term. I suggest changing the term “license” to “certificate” and re-arranging the conditions needed for getting the certificate. The violent interventions into the business products should also be minimised, such as changing the word “maize” into “corn” in a pharmaceutical product.

For instance, to evaluate a 1:500-scale detailed construction plan of a housing project, the paperwork must be prepared from the District to the Planning – Architecture Department, sometimes to the City People’s Committee. We should assign the projects under 2ha to the District and ones over 2ha to the Planning – Architecture Department. Only a meeting among the concerned parties is needed instead of waiting for years.

In my opinion, it should be divided into two phases: Phase 1, doing the pile foundation with the 1:500-scale plan; Phase 2, building the upper part while finishing the remaining sub-licenses. The project will start about six months sooner, which is beneficial to the enterprise and the society and does not go against the laws. The appraisal work is also lighter, avoiding the violent interventions into the project.

Checking every number and the technical accuracy is important, but when there are any mistakes or incidents, the examiner must be responsible. Do not repeat any innocence like the Drug Administration in the fake drugs trading incident of VN Pharma.

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